Corporate and Business

Banks are increasingly calling loans due and demanding immediate payment of lines of credit and other loans, causing businesses, professionals and real estate developers severe financial hardship. If this happens to you, you probably do not have the experience to work with your bank to restructure the debt into a more manageable plan while trying, at the same time, to run your business.

We know how banks think.  Mr. Oldfield was Supervisor of Banking for the State of Washington. He personally signed the charter for a number of state banks.  He was in charge of auditing them and ensuring their compliance with state banking laws.  Mr. Helsdon has years of experience in negotiating with banks and other business creditors.  When your bank goes after you, we may be able to tell you if there is something else going on internally in the bank that is effecting the bank’s actions against you.  This experience is invaluable to you if you are to save your business and, possibly, your life’s savings.

In some cases, your business problems may be aggravated by the current economic recession and by internal problems. We can guide you through a restructuring of your business, allowing you to save your business without debt restructuring or a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

To the extent that no negotiation or restructuring of the corporation or finances has been or will be successful, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy or dissolution of the business may be an option.

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